Top Bars

If you are wondering about the list of best bars on 6th street in Austin Texas then here is the list for you.

Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Cowboy adds a touch of class and exclusivity to a street otherwise known as "Dirty Sixth". According to the prohibition-era theme, you won't find a sign illuminating the way to Midnight Cowboy. Instead, you must make a reservation, whereupon the staff will give you the correct buzzer number for the evening. This luxury cocktail speakeasy was formerly a brothel by the same name and accommodates no more than eight people in a party at once. Depending on your order, the mixologist might concoct your poison tableside with a rolling-cart full of fresh ingredients. As former patrons might have said, don't be fooled by size – small drinks pack quite a potent punch.

Easy Tiger
Easy Tiger's indoor/outdoor beer garden is so well designed and busy that it caught the attention of Food & Wine magazine. Nestled up against Waller Creek, which runs through downtown Austin, Easy Tiger boasts views of high-rises, greenery, rock and water. The Wes Anderson-inspired decor is evidenced by the 1970s vignettes of bold wallpaper and retro hand-painted signage. In addition to a full bar, this place offers a rotating menu of obscure beers and wines, though they tend to sell out fast. Go for the housemade sausage and bread once you're sauced and ready to hit one of the ping-pong tables.

Dry Creek Cafe & Boat Dock
Hold your horses, for there is neither a cafe nor a boat dock here. Instead, a landlocked winding road leads to a ramshackle bungalow atop Mount Bonnell that looks as delicate as a house of cards. So what's the draw? Simplicity in the form of ice-cold beer, an old country jukebox, and a rickety deck that offers a lush view of where Texas Hill Country begins. Though the surrounding area has been populated with the mansions of the nouveaux riches, Dry Creek holds fast to its humble history and roots, refusing to change with the times.

Lustre Pearl
As the founding and most frequented bar of the Rainey Street district, Lustre Pearl charms its visitors with a semi-restored aesthetic and sprawling backyard. Social butterflies hit the giant, deliberately dilapidated house to hang out, hook up and hoolah hoop. The place is so consistently charged with energy, an entire night in Austin could be devoted to weaving in and out of the young professional and/or collegiate crowd. Should you indulge in one too many Black Eyes (Shiner Bock with a shot of Jack Daniel's), the Bomb Tacos food truck conveniently resides in Lustre Pearl's backyard, ready to come to the rescue one greasy plate at a time.

Whip In
Whip In is revered for its novel interpretation of a convenience store-turned-restaurant and bar, located on an unassuming (and unattractive) corner of Interstate 35 in South Austin. It is a place to shop for obscure grocery items, order Texas-influenced Indian food (dal puppies are a must), participate in a trivia game, or drink from a selection of 72 microbrews on tap. Family-owned and operated, beer lovers will always find someone behind the bar who can talk shop and knowledgeably guide a tasting. And should you like something you drink, chances are you can find it in store to take away.

Bar Congress
Bar Congress serves as a sophisticated conduit between its popular eatery, Second Bar + Kitchen, and the five-star Congress restaurant. The dark, narrow bar is classy, sophisticated and well-appointed. The operation is stacked with top Austin talent, featuring an approachable sommelier and artistic bartender whose concoctions may well erase the memory of any other drink you've ever put to your lips. Service is paramount at any institution run by award-winning chef David Bull, and Bar Congress is no different. But it's not all pomp and circumstance here: this is Austin, and Bar Congress does know how to kick back and relax, as evidenced by seasonal series like the summer's Tiki Tuesdays and Wednesdays.